Research at a Glance

Oct, 2017

Strane D, Rubin D

Abuse and neglect are serious concerns for all children, but military families may have unique needs that complicate efforts to prevent abuse and intervene on behalf of those who are at risk. For the more than 50 percent of Armed Forces members who are parents, deployment can introduce s...

Jun, 2017

Palakshappa D

Food insecurity, or the lack of reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable and nutritious food, affects nearly 16 percent of all households (15.8 million children) across the U.S. and has been associated with a multitude of health-related issues, poor academic performance, ps...

Jan, 2017

Matone M, Minkovitz C, Quarshie W, Rubin M

Half of female youth nationally with current or former experience in the child welfare system—the system responsible for responding to abuse and neglect of children and providing services to support vulnerable children and families—have a pregnancy by age 19 and nearly half have multiple...

Apr, 2015

Kenyon C, Rubin D, Zorc J, Mohamad Z, Faerber J, Feudtner C

Kenyon C, Auger K, Adams S, Loechtenfeldt A, Moses J

This Research at a Glance brief summarizes the relationship between if and when patients fill asthma prescriptions after being discharged from the hospital and hospital readmission rates. The results of the studies are used to inform strategies to improve care from the hospital to the ho...

Oct, 2014

Yun K, Chesnokova A, Shults J, Pinto A, Rubin D

This Research at a Glance brief summarizes trends in receipt of preventive dental care among Medicaid-enrolled children in Pennsylvania between 2005 and 2010.  This study examined the rates of use among subgroups of children, such as children from different racial/ethnic groups and US-bo...

Jun, 2014

Hwang S, Griffis H, Song L, Rubin DM

This Research at a Glance brief highlights three key findings from our report Supporting the Needs of Students Involved with the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice System in the School District of Philadelphia.

Winter 2014

This Research at a Glance brief provides an overview of an ongoing research project examining the effectiveness of patient portals as mechanisms to improve provider-patient relationships and improve care for children with asthma. For more information, see the project page, AAP News summ...

Spring 2013

This Research at a Glance brief documents the effectiveness of providing decision support strategies and tools to clinicians for promoting the initiation of the HPV vaccine series, and it documents the effectiveness of providing decision support strategies and tools to families for ensur...