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Every day, four to eight children in the United States die from abuse or neglect at the hands of their parents or caretakers. No one knows the exact number, and there has been little progress in preventing these tragic deaths. Most of the children who die are infants or toddlers. Concern...


Sanders D, Ayoub A, Covington TM, Cramer B, Dreyfus SN, Horn W, Martin PM, Petit MR, Rodriquez J, Rubin DM, Bevan CS, Zimmerman MB

In 2006, Unfulfilled Promise: The Dimensions and Characteristics of Philadelphia’s Dropout Crisis, 2000–2005 shed light on how many students drop out of high school in the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) and what factors put students at risk for dropping out. The results were grim:...


Ransom J, Griffis H, Eder J, Byrnes V, French B, Balfanz R, Iver DM, Rubin D

ChildStat is a management accountability and quality improvement process that was created to examine New York City’s child welfare outcomes. This 28-page guide describes the history, goals and core features of the approach, along with lessons learned about implementation. It also shows h...


Zlotnik S, Croughan P, Noonan K

While the Great Recession technically ended in June 2009, many families, including those with children, continue to feel the effects of the United States’ most serious economic contraction since the Great Depression. As of 2013, 14.7 million children were in poverty, a significant increa...


Authors: Rachel Meadows, Kate Sell, Elias Blinkoff, Narissa Williams, and Laura Repcheck

Senior Editors: Kathleen Noonan, David Rubin, and Maureen Byrnes

This brief authored by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s PolicyLab & Safe Place, explores collaborations—old and new—between child welfare and medical providers. It serves as a resource for states seeking to strengthen these collaborations across the continuum of child welfar...


Zlotnik S, Scribano P, Wood J, Noonan K

In January 2013, PolicyLab at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) was commissioned by the Mayor’s Office of Education (MOE), School District of Philadelphia (SDP), Philadelphia School Reform Commission (SRC), and Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS) to examine the d...


Hwang S, Griffis H, Song L, Rubin DM